Who We Are

Our purpose, values and goals

Since 2011, Agroinvest Foundation Serbia (AFS) and its partners support the development of the child welfare systems, engaging communities and influencing changes in Serbia and the region. The key guiding principle, core belief and the main driver of all our activities and partnerships is

Shaping communities fit for children today, living in society fit for all tomorrow

In AFS, we are dedicated to children welfare and seek to achieve equal possibilities for every child, while

  • Establishing community partnerships through our programs and conducting these programs in partnership with communities
  • Engaging children, parents and communities to participate
  • Creating responsible and positive social changes and spreading the spirit of optimism
  • Respecting the interests, needs and dignity of our beneficiaries, partners and all members of communities we work with
  • Maintaining gender equality principle
  • Nurturing team work and showing respect to every employee/project contributor
  • Fostering lifelong learning

On these same purpose and values, we work together with child-focused CSOs from the countries of the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Transcaucasia (the wider Black Sea region). In Serbia, we work with local communities and organizations from different sectors.

Our key goals:

To increase the number and quality of community services for children through networking with and within the community

The region’s existing services for children, even after reforms, remain underdeveloped, due to the lack of recognition of the child welfare as priority. We advocate community services as a holistic inter-sector systemic effort and the practical manifestation of the community’s care for the welfare of children.

To create conditions to develop a regional child-focused platform through setting up inter-sector partnerships in Serbia and other countries of the region

Many similarities in children welfare statuses in the region’s countries led to creation of a strategic, child-focused regional civil society partnership open to other sector (i.e., the state institutions and the private sector), with AFS being its part and one of the lead carriers.

Creating conditions for continuous following of the state of childcare and creating evidence-based tools for successful advocacy for child well-being

As an answer to the lack of relevant and reliable data on the actual state of children and families in the region, the development of the Child Protection Index allows better understanding and advocacy for the situation of the children in every country of the region.

Agroinvest Foundation Serbia (AFS) was founded in 2009, by the company Vision Fund AgroInvest Ltd from Podgorica, Montenegro, member of the Vision Fund global family, as a frame for World Vision’s advocacy for the development of the child welfare system in Serbia and in the region. The registration it holds today was received on November 7, 2011 – date formally considered as its establishment.