What we do

Agroinvest Foundation Serbia (AFS) made a headway as an organisation of civil society taking both micro (local) and macro (national/regional) approach in its efforts to support children welfare. On local, micro level AFS sets up and implements measures and services aiming at improving the welfare of children by involving all community actors, while on macro (national and regional) level, AFS cooperates with the institutions and CSOs on researching, networking and advocating for the improvement of children welfare.

AFS’s work features development of partnerships with the child-focused CSOs from the countries of the so called wider Black Sea region, i.e. in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Transcaucasia. In Serbia, AFS works with local communities, in partnership with the relevant local actors coming from different sectors.

In the Wider Black Sea region outside factors concerning child wellbeing remained the same or deteriorated, compared to earlier times. Further exacerbation of partocracy and populism as a dominant political tendency in the region maintained inner security tensions, reduced freedom of the media and prospects for cooperation between the civil sector and local authorities. The tendency of the foreign donors to withdraw from the region gained pace during the last couple of years. These factors have both local and regional significance and should be given special consideration in the process of devising the further plans of activity.

Another very significant factor is the development of the global security tensions, which negatively affect the regional, still fragile, political systems. AFS work thus reflects the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework as well as the EU integration as a dominant political process taking place within the region.